Spine, Muscles & Joint Pain – Chiropractic

shauna April 1, 2022 Chiropractic

Canadians Are No Strangers to Pain According to the Canadian Chiropractic Association (CCA) 2017 report, All Pain, No Gain: Shining a Light on Canada’s Back Pain and Opioid Crisis, almost 90 per cent of Canadians have experienced muscle and/or joint pain in the last year, the most common being back pain and headache. Pain affects the […]

Myofascial Release Technique

lavallee May 10, 2018 Massage

Massage is a therapy enjoyed by many of our clients. Massage therapy works with the body’s muscles, assisting them to remove toxins and encouraging them to relax and release tension. Although this can be very beneficial in some clients, the connective tissues surrounding the muscles

Pelvic Floor Physiotherapy

Jaime Smith May 5, 2018 Physiotherapy

The month of May is National Physiotherapy Month AND Women’s Health Month so we would like to discuss how your physiotherapist can help with your pelvic floor health!

Top 10 ways to Spring Clean our Life

lavallee May 5, 2018 Massage

Slay the Sugar Dragon. Starting in October we participate in many celebrations that seem to involve decadent sugary treats from Thanksgiving to Easter. Spring is a great opportunity to consider reducing or even eliminating sugar in our diets.

World Health Day

Ali-John Chaudhary April 10, 2018 Uncategorized, Wellness

Life keeps us busy. So much so that if we don't take the time to stop and look around, we might just miss it. If you're reading this, it's because you're consciously taking time for yourself. Hats off to you. Here are a few simple habits you can start implementing today.

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