Heart Break – Ways to Reduce Stress

lavallee September 28, 2016 Wellness

Spending as little as 10 minutes a day focusing on mindful skills can be enough to dramatically reduce the amount of stress in one’s life.

What Is Your Anxiety Pointing At?

Ali-John Chaudhary October 28, 2016 Wellness

We've all seen it before. Someone parks in the handicapped zone. We see them leisurely walk out of their car towards a store. Some of us may wonder how that person is affected. Others might think there's nothing wrong with them.

Helping Youth Cope With Mental Illness

lavallee May 5, 2017 Massage, Nutrition, Wellness

May 7, 2017 is National Child and Youth Mental Health Day, and this year we’re challenging you to connect with youth in our community. Currently 15% of Canadian youth are facing mental health challenges. That number significantly increases when we look at how this crisis impacts the family unit and in turn our community.

Men Can Ask For Help Too

Ali-John Chaudhary June 5, 2017 Team, Wellness

As men, we are taught early on to be providers. We sacrifice a lot to make sure our loved ones are well taken care of. And that can mean putting our own personal stuff on the back burner. And yet, like anything else, it can creep back into our lives if we don't do something about it. But what if that problem isn't something others can see?

Self-Care the Lavallee Way

lavallee June 30, 2017 Massage, Physiotherapy, Wellness

Each year July 24 is recognized as International Self-Care Day (ISD). This is a worldwide campaign designed to bring awareness to the importance of self-care and to encourage the general public to practice responsible self-care 24 hours a day seven days a week. At the Lavallee Health Centre, we understand the importance of self-care in the journey of healing.

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