Dual Massage – The Sweetness of Doing Nothing….Together

There is a scene in a movie I like, where an Italian man tells an American woman that her problem is that she is woefully unaware of how to relax.  He calls it “the sweetness of doing nothing”. Maybe you’ve seen Eat, Pray, Love and enjoyed watching Julia Roberts embrace the concept that our lives should be more than relentless routines of work, schedules and general busyness.  The  idea is that we would all benefit from taking some time to just be..without any expectation of acomplishment, outcome, or any real purpose.  

We all know that there is a real benefit to unplugging from screens, our phones and the ever expanding social web. Studies continue to shown us that setting aside time for ourselves instead of adding one more thing to the endless to do list is good for our health. The key is to use the time well and in a way that promotes health, relaxation and well-being.

Massage has long been used as a way to help connect body and mind and promote relaxation, deep breathing and body awareness. Research tells us that receiving a relaxing massage also helps to lower stress hormones and blood pressure while increasing serotonin and dopamine levels aiding in a sense of calm. 

It seems that our lives are just so busy nowadays that we hardly have time for ourselves, let alone our families. Remember that there will always be more work to do and people to please…and take some time to do for yourself and be with the people you love in a meaningful way.  We understand this and that is why we have 2 massage rooms that can accommodate a couple, parent and child or a family of up to 3 all at the same time. Dual relaxation massage at Lavallee, could most definitely be called the”sweetness of doing nothing….together”

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