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Are you someone in need of pain management and relief? Are you searching for one of the top massage therapy resources in the Petawawa/Pembroke region? Lavallee Health Centre is happy to serve as the largest and most diverse resource for massage in Renfrew County.. We are also growing as one of the premier facilities for naturopathic medicine, wellness and physical rehabilitation in the Ottawa Valley and beyond.

Located in Pembroke, we are pleased to serve the Ottawa Valley and beyond. Our clients include residents from the entirety of Renfrew County and surrounding towns, including Petawawa and Deep River.

We are a multidisciplinary clinic, comprised of a team that is dedicated to providing a diverse range of approaches to wellness. Our team of registered professionals and practitioners are highly skilled in a variety of therapies such as massage therapy, naturopathy, physiotherapy and wellness programs. Our goal is to facilitate healthy living, physical rehabilitation and positive lifestyle changes for our clients.

Currently, we are one of the leading resources for massage in Renfrew County and are consistently growing in our fields of expertise to develop the best possible programs for all of our specialized areas. We are proud to have Naturopathic Doctors, Nutritionists, Counsellors, a Physiotherapist, and RMTs on site to make Lavallee Health Centre the foremost health and wellness authority in the Ottawa Valley.

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Direct BIlling of Services

Direct BIlling of Services

Did you know that most of our services are eligible for direct billing? Call us to find out more and to get started.

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The Balance Program

The Balance Program

Cultivate an awareness of True Self, using nutrition, mindfulness & naturopathic on a journey of re-alignment with your true potential

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Stress Release

Stress Release

A Dual Massage is a great way to introduce the benefits of massage to new and younger clients in a relaxed and soothing environment.

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An overview of our services includes:

Massage Therapy

Our registered massage therapists (RMTs) offer a variety of massage techniques designed to treat both acute and chronic musculoskeletal issues. At Lavallee Health Centre, our staff recognizes the need for additional resources for massage in Renfrew County. As we scale our reach into the Ottawa Valley, we are excited to become one of the top Deep River massage clinics in the region, as well as one of the leading Petawawa massage facilities as well. Given the high volume of local residents serving in the Canadian Forces, both active and non-active, our team is happy to continue serving as one of the leading resources for Petawawa massage therapy. To learn more about our massage therapy services, click here.

Naturopathic Medicine

Our naturopathic doctors (NDs) are licenced and trained in natural medicine to treat most health conditions, both chronic and acute. Our NDs develop the best naturopathic treatments for each individual patient based on their psychological, physiological, social, environment and lifestyle factors. Due to increased public demand, naturopathic medicine has steadily become one of the leading answers for health care concerns in Canada. Lavallee Health Centre is happy to serve as the premier source for natural and preventive medicine in the Ottawa Valley. To learn more about our naturopathic medicine services, click here.


Our nutritional practitioners are educated in the application of human nutrition and are prepared to come up with the best possible plans to help you improve your diet and lifestyle. These plans include coaching, meal planning and preparation advice. To learn more about our nutrition-related services, click here.


Our licenced team of physiotherapists are ready to help patients of all ages manage their pain and treat symptoms of illness, injury and disability. Our physiotherapy services include rehabilitation, prevention of injury and promotion of health and fitness. To learn more about our physiotherapy services, click here.


Given that we are a multidisciplinary clinic, our team at Lavallee Health Centre is proud to provide a series of programs and individual counseling services that cover topics such as lifestyle changes, weight management, fitness, mental wellness and more.

To learn more about our wellness programs, click here

If you think you might benefit from one of our services, please contact us today!

Your Healing Place

We Treat The Whole Person Empowering Our Patients Through Knowledge

Learn About Naturopathy Meet Dr. Cheryl Allen Meet Dr. Rachel Helferty

Naturopathic Medicine is a health care practice that blends modern scientific knowledge with traditional and natural forms of healing. The aim of naturopathic medicine is to promote the natural healing powers of the body to treat the underlying cause of disease.

We Treat The Whole Person

Find your True Self

The Balance Program is a 12 week wellness journey free from dieting. We teach you how to manage your cravings, regulate your hormones, decrease your pain, improve your GI health, and foster self compassion.  There is no measuring, weighing, pills or fad diets. This program is for anyone wanting to explore a different way to optimal health.

Find Your True Self

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