Athletic Massage

Athletes know the importance of accessing the full potential of their bodies. Athletic massage is the application of specific and treatment oriented techniques to an athlete with the purpose of enhancing their preparation for, or recovery from the physical demands of training or competition. Common conditions include hip and knee pain, tight ankles, shoulder distress and decreased access to movement.

Athletic treatments are ideal for competitive runners, sports athletes, strength competitors, athletes requiring rehabilitation, athletes wishing to return to sport, currently active and recreational athletes and those desiring to become athletes.

Athletic massage is a progressive treatment option including deep tissue massage and active stretches and movements. It is goal specific and agreed upon by the therapist and client. It incorporates in-clinic treatment sessions and remedial exercises the client completes on their own.

In conjunction with deep tissue massage a progressive active treatment series is added to the athlete’s treatment sessions. The focus moves from manual massage to an interactive session between the therapist and client. Wearing sports clothing, the client will be guided through a series of movements which include fascial stretching therapy (FST), functional range release (FRR) and functional conditioning (FC).

FST incorporates traction and assisted movements with the aim of increasing range of motion. The role of the therapist is to assist the client to engage in specific movements, taking up the slack and focusing on the breath.

FRR is a passive fascial based movement, where the therapist moves the limbs until resistance is felt. The tension is held until the therapist feels a change in the tissue. The position can be reinforced through an increase in tension or resistance. The client generates an opposing force to create biofeedback in the tissues working through the range of motion.

FC incorporates isometric muscular contractions without a change in the joint angle. The client is in control of the movements and amount of force applied by the therapist. The role of the therapist is to guide, provide verbal and physical feedback and body awareness to the client. The aim is to improve the active range of control and to create a buffer to athletic stress.

It is recommended that clients book a 60-minute session to receive the most benefits from this treatment. To book a fascial stretch treatment call 613-635-7026.

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