Calvin Bertrand

     Calvin Bertrand

I want you to be able to bend and straighten your knee, flex and extend your hip, raise and lower your arm, all without pain or discomfort. Positive change occurs when our tissues work in harmony. If not, obstructions can develop in the form of pain, discomfort and altered movement.

What drives my passion for massage therapy is working with clients who are hitting roadblocks with their training.

I love being able to break down and figure out why things may be happening and developing goals so that the client can work towards performing better.

Active, Involved Treatment Options

With the repetitive nature of training, muscles and joints tend to tighten up leading to potential injuries and decreased performance. I use a variety of techniques to help clients. Deep tissue, fascial stretching, functional range release (FR) and functional range conditioning (FRC) may be applied throughout a session, which makes for a very active and involved treatment. These tools allow me to work on bringing down muscle tightness, improving joint movement as well as helping to decrease discomfort when training.

I find it very rewarding when a client comes in and says ‘What we did last treatment totally helped!”


Massage Therapy Program, Algonquin College - 2009

Registered with the College of Massage Therapists of Ontario

Member of the Registered Massage Therapists Association of Ontario