Pregnancy Massage

Massage therapy is recommended throughout all stages of pregnancy to assist women with easing their general aches and pains. Pregnancy massage incorporates the same goals as regular massage, but is also tailored specifically to the requirements of pregnant women and their changing bodies. Therapists are specially trained to adjust their techniques to meet these needs.

Pregnant clients experience changes in their center of gravity which places significant stress on the lower back, abdominal muscles and shoulders. Pregnancy also relaxes the ligaments in the pelvic floor, pulling the pelvis forward and changing the body’s posture. In addition, some women experience headaches, neck pain and sleep disturbances. The aim of Pregnancy Massage is to decrease stress, promote relaxation, improve quality of sleep and provide relief of general pregnancy discomfort in the lower back, hips and legs.

The position of a pregnant woman during therapy is extremely important for both comfort and safety. For this reason, the therapist will have the client lie on her side with special pillows providing support along her body. The therapist will assist the client in turning onto the other side at the appropriate time to avoid putting too much pressure on sensitive structures.  Pregnancy massage is a gentle flowing massage generally with no deep tissue work. Massage during pregnancy should never be painful and it is important to indicate when touch, pressure or positioning is causing discomfort.

Massage therapy can also provide relief of postpartum tension and stress and can be used to improve the quality and appearance of a scar post-Caesarian Section, but no earlier than six weeks post-delivery.

Hot stone massage is not recommended during pregnancy.

It is recommended that clients book a 60-minute session to receive the most benefit from this treatment. To book a pregnancy massage, call 613-635-7026.

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