Men Can Ask For Help Too

Ali-John Chaudhary June 5, 2017 Team, Wellness

As men, we are taught early on to be providers. We sacrifice a lot to make sure our loved ones are well taken care of. And that can mean putting our own personal stuff on the back burner. And yet, like anything else, it can creep back into our lives if we don't do something about it. But what if that problem isn't something others can see?

O Canada was Composed by a Lavallee

Shauna Perry June 30, 2017 Team

Our national anthem was composed by a man named Calixa Lavallee in the year 1880  in honor of Saint-Jean-Baptiste Day. My grandfather always told us that Calixa was a distant relative of ours and that we should be proud of our musical roots and the role our family played in shaping the history of our country.

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