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Miesja Connelly-Robertson

Massage Therapist

Being a massage therapist is a wonderful job! It’s lovely meeting so many new people and getting to hear their stories.  Not only do I get to meet a lot of different people, but I am also constantly presented with different challenges in the treatment room.  I love learning, and it is fulfilling to know that I am helping people to feel better.

Being a massage therapist is a wonderful job! It’s lovely meeting so many new people and getting to hear their stories.

I tailor my treatment plans to the needs of my clients, and I focus on relieving presenting symptoms.  My baseline massage pressure is medium, and I increase or decrease pressure based on the feedback from my clients and how they are responding to treatment.  I enjoy working on specific issues and focusing my energies on therapeutic outcomes.  Stress relief is an important part of well-being, and I love seeing clients coming in for relaxation massage and placing value on de-stressing.  

Neck and shoulder pain is a common condition that I see daily in the clinic.  This may be caused by poor posture, an injury, bad ergonomics at work, or stress and anxiety.  I use gentle relaxation massage to help calm the nervous system and specific deep techniques to relax the tight and shortened muscles.  

I use several modalities in my practice including deep tissue therapy, cupping, trigger point release, myofascial release, and gentle relaxing techniques.

One of my most memorable success stories was a client who was able to regain the full range of motion of his neck and shoulders after years of pain.  This client had not been able to participate in sports and outdoor activities with his family for years and was troubled deeply by this.  We worked together to create a treatment plan that would help him reduce pain, improve motion, and get back to having fun with his family. 

I also offer ashiatsu and pregnancy massage.  I look forward to meeting more people and learning how I can help them improve their well-being.


Massage Therapy Program, Flemming College 2019
Culinary Management, Flemming College

Registered with the College of Massage Therapists of Ontario


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