Jaime Smith

     Jaime Smith

It is very important to me that I deliver physiotherapy treatment to my patients in the same way I would want to be treated. Being a physiotherapist challenges my brain everyday, and I am most content when I am solving problems. Learning is an important aspect of my life, which is why I am continuously educating myself in current and updated physiotherapy treatment options.

I enjoy the challenge of adapting treatments based on individual’s personalities, lifestyles and conditions.
Physiotherapy Options

I treat all types of clients and conditions. With my approach, I do not believe that there is one specific treatment protocol for everyone, rather I encourage my clients to explore the various types of treatment options available to them. It is my role as a physiotherapist to improve my client’s range of motion, stability, muscle balance and body function.

Where possible I prefer to approach my clients with prevention and education techniques in order to decrease the risk of injury to my clients. However, when this is not possible and clients come to see me with injuries or a decreased bodily function, I am trained in delivering various physiotherapy approaches such as manual therapy, acupuncture, sry needling, neurokinetic therapy, techniques for concussion and vertigo, K-taping and myofascial mupping.

One specific treatment that I am particularly excited about offering is pelvic floor physiotherapy. This is where I treat individuals with pelvic, back and/or hip pain, incontinence, menstrual issues and a variety of other pelvic floor malfunctions.

Every day I have the privilege to treat clients who experienced years of pain and dysfunction and are now completely pain free and functional; for me that It is extremely rewarding.


Bachelor of Science in Kinesiology, Queen’s University – 2011
Masters of Science in Physiotherapy, Queen’s University – 2013

Registered with the College of Physiotherapists of Ontario