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Andrea Burde

Massage Therapist

Since the age of twelve I’ve wanted to be a massage therapist.  I believed I could do a very good job of helping people feel better and I was sure I would really enjoy doing this type of work.  After I became a massage therapist, I realized there are so many types of techniques to study, several of which I use daily.

It’s wonderful to see clients realize they are not powerless to their pain.

Craniosacral therapy is completely non-invasive, which allows me to treat both adults and children age 7 and older. I can address brain and spinal cord injuries, postural issues, and many other tensions and deficiencies within the body.  I love using this method because it is really relaxing on a physical, mental and emotional level.  On occasion, I serve as a teaching assistance for the first two levels of craniosacral therapy.

I see many clients who have a lot of stress in their lives.  In addition to using craniosacral therapy, I incorporate Reiki Tummo techniques into my practice. Reiki treatments are appropriate for all conditions and are a form of hands-on energy channeling.  When combined with massage it is great for decreasing tension and stress on a very deep level.

The most exciting part of my work is to witness people improve progressively when they come for treatments.  It is a joy when they take my suggestions seriously and actively participate in their treatment and home care process.  It is wonderful to see clients realize they are not powerless, regain function and develop a more positive outlook on life as they get better.


Craniosacral Program, Upledger Institute 1998
Massage Therapy Program, Kine Koncept Massage College 2005
Reiki Tummo, Padmacahaya Institute 2006
Combined Decongestive Therapy, Vodder Schools Austria 2008

Registered with the College of Massage Therapists of Ontario

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