We’ll Be Your Coach

This month let’s focus on bringing in the new year and how our team of professionals can assist you with making 2018 the most successful year ever. With the start of a new year, it is natural to be desirous of making new changes.  The research indicates that 80% of people who set resolutions abandon them by February. We can help you change that.

When we start a new skill, whether it be learning to play an instrument, speaking a different language or starting to play a sport, we often hire or seek the help of a coach or mentor. So why is it that we often tackle dietary and fitness changes solo and then question what happened when we fall short of our goals? At  Lavallee Health Centre our team of professionals will coach you to your success.  

Here are the facts! In 2017, the diet and fitness industry combined was worth over $150 billion. The average person spent $355 per month on quick fixes, unused gym memberships, pills, powders, fad-diets, books and equipment that claims to “instantly” change your body composition. The industry plays on our emotions, evoking strong desire to change ourselves into becoming some unattainable being – right now! Making health changes takes time and requires consistency. When working with our clients we like to emphasize this. Once starting a healthy routine, a person will start to notice changes in their body within 30 days; the body will begin to adapt to these changes within 90 days; the body will accept these changes in a year. One year, no wonder most of us give up in February.

There is a different way. Health coaching is an investment in your wellness, and the rewards are priceless. Working with a healthcare professional or team, will ensure that you meet your goals and continue to move you in the direction of success. We are here for you for all the stages: planning, executing, adapting, encouraging and of course holding you accountable when times are rough.

This year, instead of trying to force yourself to fit into an industry mold, let us coach you.