Women’s Health

We are pleased to offer individualized treatment options specifically for women’s health concerns. Dr Cheryl Allen is a certified menopause practitioner and Dr Rachel Helferty is a fertility care practitioner.


Women who report physical pain and/or cramping, irregular cycles, increased bleeding, extreme mood fluctuations and acne are ideal patients for naturopathic doctors. Treatment options can include acupuncture, lab testing, bio-identical hormone therapy, botanical supplements and dietary changes.

It is recommended that patients commit to a minimum of three months to maximize the results from treatment.


Exploring fertility options through naturopathic medicine is ideal for women who are at any stage of trying to conceive, either with or without current medical interventions. This includes IVF and IUI patients, women without a menstrual cycle and patients of a fertility clinic. If the patient is unsure of her current fertility state the ND can conduct diagnostic procedures to assess ovulation, ovarian health, and egg quality. Treatment options are always presented in a shared decision-making process and can include acupuncture, lab testing, botanical supplements, bio-identical hormone therapy, and dietary changes. At any time during the treatment process, the ND may refer the patient to other medical resources and practitioners.

It is recommended that patients commit to a minimum of three months to maximize the results from treatment.


The naturopathic doctor can be involved throughout all stages of pregnancy. During the prenatal phase, the ND will meet with the patient once a trimester to prevent and treat common pregnancy symptoms such as morning sickness, fatigue, and immune disturbances. The ND will assist in preparing women for labour with acupuncture induction and Group B-Strep prevention. In addition, several products can be recommended to assist with labour, post-delivery and lactation. Postpartum, the ND is available to assist with lactation support, post-delivery healing, mood support and colic issues with baby.

The frequency and duration of appointments will depend on the needs of the patient.


Naturopathic medicine options can be considered throughout all stages of menopause. Women who are perimenopausal commonly report physical changes in their bodies such as a decrease or increase in menstruation, hot flashes, weight gain and mood fluctuations. When women enter full menopause they may notice additional symptoms such as a decrease in libido, frequent urinary tract infections (UTI), and increased hot flashes. The ND can assist patients in gaining an understanding of the changes and explore ways to balance hormones. Treatment options include acupuncture, lab testing, botanical and nutritional supplements, bio-identical hormone therapy and dietary changes.

It is recommended that patients commit to a minimum of three months to maximize the results from treatment. To book an appointment with Dr Cheryl Allen, call 613-635-7026.

Meet Your Practitioner

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My main interests include digestive concerns, mental health, pain, and hormonal balance. These specific areas are crucial considerations for long-term health and quality of life and can sometimes be overlooked

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I have always had a heart for helping others. Initially this led me to exploring the field of Dietetics. Learning the powerful effect nutrition has on the body sparked a passion within me to look deeper into the root causes of health.

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