Laboratory Testing

Naturopathic doctors frequently order routine blood work and other tests, similar to what your medical doctor might order.  They also have access to a number of functional and diagnostic tests that are more unique to naturopathic practitioners.  Some of these include:

  • Food sensitivity testing
  • Comprehensive stool analysis with parasitology
  • H. pylori testing
  • Small Intestine Bacterial Overgrowth (SIBO) testing
  • Allergy testing (RAST)
  • Nutritional Assessments
  • Heavy (toxic) metal urine testing
  • Urine testing to assess hormonal imbalances
  • Lyme disease testing

All testing requisitions are completed and paid for at the Lavallee Health Centre and are collected at Life Labs, Dynacare, or at home.

Our Naturopathic doctors have accounts with several labs, including:

To book an initial appointment with Dr. Cheryl Allen or Dr. Rachel Helferty call 613-635-7026.

Meet Your Practitioner

photo of dr cheryl allen

Dr Cheryl Allen

I have always had a heart for helping others. Initially this led me to exploring the field of Dietetics. Learning the powerful effect nutrition has on the body sparked a passion within me to look deeper into the root causes of health.

Dr Rachel Helferty

My main interests include digestive concerns, mental health, pain, and hormonal balance. These specific areas are crucial considerations for long-term health and quality of life and can sometimes be overlooked.

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