Meal Planning and Preparation
We create plans for a variety of activities in our lives from employment to finances even our education, but rarely do we create plans for eating. There is a common perception that meal planning and preparation is extremely time consuming so we often wing it. This often results in nutrient deficiencies, consuming massive amounts of sugar and a big hole in our pocket books. In reality, meal planning and preparation is a fast and cost effective way to plan your menu.

Jane does not believe that one way of eating is ideal for everyone, rather that individuals must explore what foods support their body and lifestyle. She encourages families to experiment with food to discover which foods cause harm and which ones heal. She is passionate about teaching families of all sizes, ways to plan meals in order to meet their daily demands. She simplifies this process and educates individuals on the benefits of creating a food plan.

Meal planning is ideal for anyone; single people to very large families, and there are many benefits to creating a plan. Common advantages of meal planning include:

  • A higher compliance to meeting dietary goals
  • Less time is spent staring blankly into the refrigerator or pantry
  • Less money is spent on ordering take-out or fast food
  • Less food is wasted, which saves money
  • A decrease in impulsive food purchases at the grocery store
  • Healthier lunches are made for busy families
  • Less meals are being skipped
  • A reduction in mindless evening binge eating
  • An increase in time spent together as a family during meal times


Jane provides a variety of services to assist individuals and families to create lasting meal planning strategies. She teaches a variety of cooking classes for all ages, provides meal planning seminars, and mindful eating workshops. These skills can also be combined with individualized or community coaching.

For rate information or to book a session with Jane Wood, Nutritionist, call 613-635-7026.

Meet Your Practitioner

photo of jane wood

Jane Wood

I love food and everything about it! Creating, cooking, preparing, smelling, savouring and of course eating; so it was only natural I chose a profession based in food. My fascination of food drew me to the study of nutrition, but it is the healing properties that continues to drive my passion.