Individual Nutritional Coaching

Nutritional coaching is beneficial to anyone who is looking for assistance or advice on approaches to healthy eating. Individualized programs can provide additional benefits in achieving and maintaining overall well-being. This form of coaching is not just for the individual, rather it can be customized to meet a couple’s or family’s nutritional goals. The nutritionist will work with clients to determine the appropriate nutritional interventions to reach their specific targets.

Nutritional coaching is ideal for clients who are considering interventions for:

  •   Weight management: gains, losses and maintenance
  •   Athletic rehabilitation, performance and recovery support
  •   Food sensitivity support
  •   Improving health conditions such as hypertension, high cholesterol, and Type 2 Diabetes
  •   Symptom management in chronic pain conditions
  •   Inflammation management
  •   Detoxification
  •   Supplementation
  •   An understanding of how the food you eat affects your body


The nutritionist will initially meet with the client to gather a detailed health history and gain a better understanding of what the client’s health goals are. Typically, the client will be asked to record and provide the nutritionist with their current food intakes.

It is important that clients report the food they normally eat in order for the nutritionist to identify the best approach to assisting the client. With these records, the nutritionist gains a better understanding of the clients eating patterns and will provide the client with a list of dietary observations and a plan that meets the client’s goals. Note: the nutritionist will not provide clients with generalized meal plans.

The aim of our individualized coaching is to determine the root cause of the client’s specific nutritional behaviours. Working with a nutritional professional is not a quick fix, rather a structured plan designed to create an impact on dietary lifestyles. The frequency of follow up appointments will depend on the client and the amount of support they require in achieving their nutritional goals.

Clients are required to book an initial 60-minute intake appointment and will be recommended for subsequent follow-up appointments in 15 or 30-minute time blocks. To book and individual nutritional coaching session, call 613-635-7026.

Meet Your Practitioner

photo of jane wood

Jane Wood

I love food and everything about it! Creating, cooking, preparing, smelling, savouring and of course eating; so it was only natural I chose a profession based in food. My fascination of food drew me to the study of nutrition, but it is the healing properties that continues to drive my passion.

Janki Patel

When interacting with my clients, I approach nutrition care with the whole person model and take into account daily activities, which includes mind-body, as well as social, environmental and cultural influences. I use a non-dieting approach while encompassing evidence-based nutrition therapy, intuitive eating, joyful movement, sleep hygiene and other lifestyle interventions to ensure clients feel their best.

photo of paula bashford, holistic nutritionist at lavallee health centre

Paula Bashford

My passion lies within the local and organic food systems. I believe we each have a responsibility to develop a healthy and ever-evolving relationship with food that includes understanding where it comes from and how it impacts our wellbeing.