Nutritional Therapy

Some foods promote healing and others promote disease and inflammation. The same food can be nutritious for one person but detrimental to another person’s health. Naturopathic doctors are experts at identifying food sensitivities, sometimes with testing and sometimes through dietary changes. They can also assess your nutritional status with lab work and recommend supplementation to correct any deficiencies.

Common dietary interventions include elimination diets, modified meal planning and the addition of healing foods. Our naturopathic doctors can provide you with an individualized dietary plan and our nutritionists are experts at supporting you in implementing the plan.

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Meet Your Practitioner

photo of dr cheryl allen


My main interests include digestive concerns, mental health, pain, and hormonal balance. These specific areas are crucial considerations for long-term health and quality of life and can sometimes be overlooked

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I have always had a heart for helping others. Initially this led me to exploring the field of Dietetics. Learning the powerful effect nutrition has on the body sparked a passion within me to look deeper into the root causes of health.

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