We know that creating long lasting lifestyle changes can be difficult. It seems like each week there is a new and faster way to become healthy. It is very confusing, frustrating and clearly not working. Dr Cheryl Allen and Jane Wood saw a need in our community and together have created a program that not only addresses lifestyle concerns but assists clients in learning how foods affect the human body.

The Balance Program is 12 weeks of self-exploration. We employ the principles of whole eating, movement, and self-awareness. There are no pills, supplements, counting or gimmick equipment. This program was designed for anyone who wants to explore how foods can be the root of most adverse health conditions. Specifically, we assist participants in identifying foods that trigger inflammation, pain, hormone dysregulation, gastrointestinal discomfort and food sensitivities in their bodies. In addition, the Balance Program brings awareness to emotional eating and the craving-reward cycle. The other key component to the program is the importance of movement and how it is a foundation for improving their quality of life.

Participants are guided through weekly educational and movement sessions that incorporate goals and mindfulness techniques, solidifying concepts and bringing about change. The Program is medically supervised and administered by a team of healthcare professionals. We believe that conducting a program such as Balance in a group setting yields the best results over individual coaching. A community is created and compliance in achieving lifestyle goals is higher. Most clients who have completed the Balance Program have reported the following results:

  •      Reduction in pain, inflammation and the use of pain medication
  •      Increased mobility and access to a greater range of motion
  •      Significant fat and weight losses
  •      Reduction in medications
  •      A confident image of self
  •      Freedom from the scale
  •      Changes in complexion, hair, skin, and nails
  •      An increase in duration and quality of sleep
  •      A better awareness of food and emotions


The Balance Program covers a period of 12 weeks. Each week the participants are required to attend an education and skills session highlighting the following topics:

  • Week 0: The Calm Before the Storm
  • Week 1: The Inflamed Truth
  • Week 2: Riding the Hormone Train
  • Week 3: Watering the Body
  • Week 4: Should I Feel Like This?
  • Week 5: Grains: The Good, The Bad, and the Ugly
  • Week 6: Dairy: It Does a Body Good?
  • Week 7: Beans & Sugar: The Magical Fruits
  • Week 8: Planning and Preparation
  • Week 9: Rest. Nourish. Move. Repeat!
  • Week 10: Embracing Your Imperfect Self
  • Week 11: Celebrate Success


Alumni Program

Once participants have completed the 12-week program they become part of the Alumni community. We create some significant relationship and lifestyle changes and we want our clients to continue with their successes. Life is all about balance, there is no fail or falling off the wagon…there’s only awareness and choice. The Balance Alumni meet monthly to continue fostering healthy lifestyle habits and building a united community. We also participate in activities in the local area, further advocating for healthy communities.


Sometimes participants may require additional support. Now that they have the knowledge of how their body react to specific foods, they require the additional tools to help apply the skills learned in the Balance Program. Because we all have different schedules and require various levels of support, Balance+ was designed to assist alumni members in their everyday life. This 4-week program places the participant in the position to create their own plan. It is more goal oriented and focuses on developing new habits. Participants can enroll in this program as many times as they feel they need it.

Balance Select

There may be circumstances where clients are unable to join the group Balance Program such as medical conditions, scheduling, or being under the age of 19, but who would still benefit from the program. In these situations, one-on-one coaching sessions with Dr. Allen and Jane are coordinated. During these meetings the Balance materials are covered with the clients. The pace of the program, duration, frequency and dietary elements may be adjusted when working with individual clients.

All potential participants must attend an information session prior starting with the Balance Program. Please all 613-635-7206 to find out when our next Balance session is scheduled.

Meet Your Practitioner

photo of jane wood

Jane Wood

I love food and everything about it! Creating, cooking, preparing, smelling, savouring and of course eating; so it was only natural I chose a profession based in food. My fascination of food drew me to the study of nutrition, but it is the healing properties that continues to drive my passion.

photo of dr cheryl allen

Dr Cheryl Allen

I have always had a heart for helping others. Initially this led me to exploring the field of Dietetics. Learning the powerful effect nutrition has on the body sparked a passion within me to look deeper into the root causes of health.