Balance Program: Health, Mindfulness and Weight Loss

Welcome to the relaunch of The Balance Program! If you are looking for a nutritionist near you, we have the right program to set your diet and overall lifestyle on the right track. We pride ourselves on being one of the only weight loss programs in Ontario, Canada that focuses on both mindfulness and weight loss and the connections between these two areas of study. The Balance program is led by a Naturopathic Doctor and a Nutritionist, who approach health from a holistic perspective that includes your own voice and experiences.

We want to congratulate you for being open to learning about a different approach to healthy living! Each week, it seems we are always learning about a “new” or “faster” way to become healthy or lose weight. Such excesses of information can become very confusing and frustrating — not to mention that so many methods that you’ll hear about don’t work. Over time, Dr Cheryl Allen and Jane Wood have seen a need in our community to create an effective mindfulness and weight loss program that will help clients explore ways to break through the blocks and access their full potential. We want to address all aspects of holistic living, not just changing a diet! We approach health and weight loss with mindfulness exercises, celebrating personal victories, and responding to challenges beyond diet and exercise. 

Reforming the Balance Program

In 2017, we took a break from The Balance Program. In that time, we hired a consultant and conducted extensive research to collect and analyze feedback from our past participants. We are now happy to announce that we are offering our best mindfulness and weight loss program yet! We decided to change our program so that it is more focused on mindset, rather than our previous approach which focused more on diet. We came to this result with the feedback we gathered from our focus groups sessions and matched this with the successful aspects that we took from our original program.

What’s Changed: A Mindful Approach to Weight Loss

In our new program, we will now be diving deeper into the human psyche and targeting your habits and beliefs so that we can bring the right changes into your life. We found that dieting alone wasn’t creating meaningful results for our clients, so the new approach focuses on mindfulness exercises and holistic health rather than a number on a scale. We hope our unique approach will turn the Balance Program into one of the top weight loss programs in Ontario, Canada.

What exactly is the Balance Program?

The aim of the Balance Program is to cultivate an awareness of the True Self. This is an experiential process, whereby we will guide our clients through a journey to re-align themselves with their true potential. We facilitate this through the transformation of the mindset, specially tailored mindfulness exercises and fostering self-belief in our clients.

The program length is 12 weeks, with each week focusing on a specific theme. This information will be provided to clients through an electronic workbook, pre-class videos and weekly in-person meetings. The weeks will be laid out as follows:

  • Week 0: Getting to Know You
  • Week 1: Setting the Intention
  • Week 2: Discovering Your True Self
  • Week 3: Face-to-Face with Your Cravings
  • Week 4: Planning, Not Perfection
  • Week 5: Celebrating Non-Scale Victories
  • Week 6: Getting Real with Guilt and Shame
  • Week 7: Creating Disenchantment
  • Week 8: Building Self Compassion
  • Week 9: Learning to Respond to Life
  • Week 10: Fostering Generosity
  • Week 11: Cultivating Vulnerability
  • Week 12: Walking Your New Path

Looking for a nutritionist near you? We are looking for people who are ready to make a fundamental transformation with their mind, body and soul. This journey is not for everyone and our mindfulness exercises will be challenging. But if you are ready to free yourself from your current pain, this program is waiting for you.

The Balance Program Information Session is scheduled for February 19th at 6:45. Please call 613-635-7206 

Meet Your Practitioner

photo of dr jane wood

Jane Wood

I love food and everything about it! Creating, cooking, preparing, smelling, savouring and of course eating; so it was only natural I chose a profession based in food. My fascination of food drew me to the study of nutrition, but it is the healing properties that continues to drive my passion.

photo of dr cheryl allen

Dr Cheryl Allen

I have always had a heart for helping others. Initially this led me to exploring the field of Dietetics. Learning the powerful effect nutrition has on the body sparked a passion within me to look deeper into the root causes of health.

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