Top 5 Eco Friendly Lunch Tips

As the amount of plastic showing up in our environment becomes an increasing concern, it is the small things that we can do to help prevent more damage to our beautiful planet. It’s not only our children who need to pack lunches, but many of us in the working community can also benefit by going a little greener.  These are our top 5 eco friendly lunch tips to help us all reduce or even eliminate the amount of plastic we use on a daily basis.

  1. Lunch Boxes – Most of us have this one covered, but if you are still using the good old plastic bag to cart your meals to and from work we suggest that you invest in a cloth material thermal bag to transport lunches. Investing in a good quality lunch box can be used for many years.
  2. Containers and Packaging – Ziplock has become a popular name in meal packaging, but at what expense. It’s time to kick it back to the old days. Instead of baggies and disposable plastic containers why not try wrapping sandwiches in bandanas or cloth napkins.This way you will have a napkin and/or a placemat. Glass and stainless steel containers are also greener options to plastic, but may not be as acceptable at school.
  3. Cutlery – One of our favourite cutlery inventions is the spork. This reusable utensil is a combination of a fork and spoon. For a more sophisticated utensil set, you can purchase kits that assemble in a variety of configurations from a knife, spoon and even chopsticks. Parents will have to have conversations with their children to remember to bring these home. You may want to practice with some disposable cutlery until they get the concept.
  4. Drinking Bottles – Plastic bottles have been getting a lot of heat lately and some communities are even banning the sale of plastic bottles. Yes there is a lot of convenience with purchasing pre-packaged drinks, however once you make the commitment to using reusable drinking bottles, you will find that you will actually have a cost savings in addition to helping out the environment. Our favorite drinking bottles are stainless steel or glass.
  5. Straws – Last, but perhaps the most important are straws. Recent news has shown devastating outcomes from the amount of straws we dispose of on a daily basis. We can do our part by purchasing reusable straws and using them not only for packed lunches, but also anytime we are out for a dining experience. You can purchase a variety of stainless steel and rubber straws there are even folding ones that you can attach to a keychain or zipper to take with you.

It is our desire that you will accept this challenge and start creating a greener dining experience in your household.

Photo Credit: Background image created by Freepik