Shannon McCrea

     Shannon McCrea

I love working in health care! Being the person that greets our clients brings a lot of joy to my day. I have the opportunity to observe all of the complementary therapies offered at the Lavallee Health Centre, and see first hand how they work together to help our clients.

The Healing Process

I am passionate about my role in the healing process and although I am not seeing clients as a therapist, I have the responsibility to minimize their stress when they call or walk in the front door.

Facilitating each client’s needs throughout their health journey, is my primary role.

I am involved from the beginning by explaining the various therapies offered at our clinic, scheduling appointments, administering the intake process, answering questions about medical insurance, and of course booking follow-up treatments.

A Healing Place

It’s so important to me that each client visit is a pleasant one. I personally ensure that our clients have a calming experience when they enter our clinic. Whether it’s providing a clinic tour, preparing a beverage or leading them to a sunny nook to read a magazine. I like to believe that each of our clients feels that this is their healing place.


Algonquin College - Office Administration Executive

Algonquin College - Medical Terminology