Dr Rachel Helferty

     Dr Rachel Helferty

My patients are my inspiration! My role as a Naturopathic Doctor is to teach, guide, suggest and facilitate. But it is the patient that improves their own health and It’s always a privilege to witness that process.

Naturopathic combines the best of modern medicine and the wisdom of traditional healing practices. I enjoy getting to know my patients and their concerns. It's rewarding coming up with individualized treatment plans that suit their goals, needs, and lifestyles.

My role as a Naturopathic Doctor is to teach, guide, suggest and facilitate, but it’s the patient that improves their own health.

I am mainly interested in gut health, mental health, pain, and hormonal balance. These areas are important for long-term health and quality of life and can sometimes be overlooked.

My most memorable patient was a teenager who came in with fatigue, a hard time concentrating, indigestion, painful periods, headaches, and muscle pain. Her school performance was suffering and medications only made her feel worse. We were able to find some food sensitivities and all of her symptoms resolved once she changed her diet. It was wonderful to see this young woman in good health and able to enjoy life again!


Doctor of Naturopathy (ND), Canadian College of Naturopathic Medicine, 2017
Natural Family Planning Naturopath (NFPN), PPVI Institute, 2017
Fertility Care Practitioner (FCP), PPVI Institute, 2017
BSc(Hons) in Life Sciences, Queen’s University, 2013