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Abby Gauen

Massage Therapist

There are many things that make being a massage therapist great.  Clients come to our clinic with injuries, general tension or pain and I am able to help them.  I may see people occasionally because they love to come in for a treat or regularly as part of a plan to improve mobility and decrease pain.  I love the diversity of my practice; I never know what is going to be waiting in my treatment room!

If I didn’t tell you I was using my feet, you would never know.

The type of massage treatment I particularly enjoy is ashiatsu massage.  For this type of massage, I hold onto bars on the ceiling and massage the client with one or both of my feet.  The broad, deep strokes feel amazing and unlike anything else you have ever experienced.  I am able to start the stroke at the tip of the shoulder and in one movement move all the way to the client’s toes.  I am drawn to this technique because it can be used for the person who wants deep pressure, to decrease tension and for relaxation.  If I didn’t tell you I was using my feet, you would never know.

Another type of treatment I may use during a massage is vacuum cupping.  I put a plastic cup on the skin, usually over a restricted area, and create a vacuum seal using a small machine.  It sucks the tissue up into the cup, gently separating the tissues and allowing more blood to circulate.  This may relieve muscle tension, pain, and myofascial restrictions.

I also offer hot stone and aromatherapy massage.  The hot stones are very soothing and can be used to relax muscle knots.  For aromatherapy, I use essential oils diffused in the air as well as added to the oil to enhance the massage.


Massage Therapy, Algonquin College 2008

Registered with the College of Massage Therapists of Ontario

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