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Myofascial Release Technique

lavallee May 10, 2018 Massage

Massage is a therapy enjoyed by many of our clients. Massage therapy works with the body’s muscles, assisting them to remove toxins and encouraging them to relax and release tension. Although this can be very beneficial in some clients, the connective tissues surrounding the muscles

Top 10 ways to Spring Clean our Life

lavallee May 5, 2018 Massage

Slay the Sugar Dragon. Starting in October we participate in many celebrations that seem to involve decadent sugary treats from Thanksgiving to Easter. Spring is a great opportunity to consider reducing or even eliminating sugar in our diets.

Dual Massage – The Sweetness of Doing Nothing….Together

lavallee February 4, 2018 Massage

There is a scene in a movie I like, where an Italian man tells an American woman that her problem is that she is woefully unaware of how to relax.  He calls it “the sweetness of doing nothing”. Maybe you’ve seen Eat, Pray, Love and enjoyed watching Julia Roberts embrace the concept that our lives should be more than relentless routines of work, schedules and general busyness.

Stress Related Jaw Pain and Massage Treatment of the TMJ

lavallee January 5, 2018 Massage

Do you notice yourself clenching your teeth during the day? Does your partner wake you up telling you  that you were grinding your teeth? Do you wake up with headaches in the morning?  If so, you may be experiencing TMJ (temporomandibular joint) issues caused by stress.

A Massage Therapist’s Guide to Beating Holiday Stress

lavallee December 22, 2017 Massage

The Holidays are coming! For many people, this could mean hours of planning, late night wrapping, the In-law’s shitsu (Sir Elton the Third) who pees on your brand-new carpet every time someone enters your house or driving in terrible conditions.

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