Nutritional Coaching

We are all about relationships! We are making an agreement to start a journey together where we create lasting positive change. Together we can achieve amazing things. Please watch our video to learn more about what our nutritional coaching program is all about.

The first step to getting anywhere is deciding you’re not willing to stay where you are.

Congratulations for taking the first step to making a change in your health! Lets keep moving forward by exploring how our coaching program can help you. Take the next step and complete our 5 minutes questionnaire and one of our coaches will be in touch with you.

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We create customized nutritional programs with our clients that are backed by science and are supported by a team of Naturopathic Doctors, Dietitians and Holistic Nutritionists. Our coaching program supports our clients by accomplishing the following:

  • Educating our clients on evidence based nutritional interventions
  • Listening to the needs of our clients and developing a plan that is inline with their needs
  • Creating Specific Measurable Attainable Relevant and Time based goals
  • Measuring results and adjusting programming to ensuring our client goals are met
  • Holding our clients accountable performing the actions needed to reach their goals
  • Exploring our clients relationship to food and developing strategies to realign or re-establish healthy food boundaries
  • Building a personal connection with our clients to build trust, motivate actions and instill lasting healthy habits

We are looking for clients who have a strong desire to bring themselves into alignment with their True Self. We define this as the ability to experience an authentic life, a sense of being alive and showing up to the world as your real self. It is our desire to coach clients who have an awareness of themselves and know the direction they want their life to take, but are unsure of how to get there. We believe that there are five main pillars to consider when looking to reach your true self.

Our coaching program directly impacts the pillar of health. However working with us allow our clients to gain the ability to indirectly affects all the other pillars on the journey to discovering one’s true self. The clients we want to work with have a desire to create fundamental lasting changes to their whole being. We are looking for clients who are open and are coachable. We are here to empower change by leading our clients down a path of health with the end goal of being able to step back and watch them forge their own path. The areas of health that we can directly make a difference to are found in the below diagram.

Coaching with us is a unique and personal experience. In addition to nutritional guidance, our clients will benefit from

  • One on one human interaction and access to a nutritional coach who is highly educated and experienced in the field of evidence based nutritional practices
  • Personalized nutrition plans based on client’s nutritional needs, health status and lifestyle
  • Accountability based coaching strategies, ensuring clients are consistently moving toward their goals
  • A recipe database, which include recipes to support all dietary choices and programs
  • Access to a team of holistic healthcare practitioners who will support all areas of health
  • Mindfulness exercises and strategies designed to assist with managing stressful moments
  • Strategies to combat cravings and undesirable emotional eating habits
  • A variety of audio and video content designed to augment and support coaching materials
  • Cooking strategies and lessons delivered both online or at our clinic location

     Patient Journeys

Step 1: Initial assessment with Shauna Perry, RMT and Vodder Certified Lymphedema Therapist.

Step 2: Conservative or intensive treatment plan is decided upon.

Step 3: Referral to Jane Wood for nutritional coaching to reduce risk factors and to Dr Cheryl Allen for lymphatic care.

Step 1: Initial assessment with Dr Cheryl Allen to discuss acupuncture and supplementation.

Step 1 : Mindfulness training with Jane Wood.

Step 2: Referral to Dr Cheryl Allen for completion of stress and fatigue panel, and treatment options.

Step 3: Massage therapy treatment including full body relaxation massage with Abby Gauen, Paige Afelskie or Rachel Bugden.

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