Dr. Rachel Talks: Hormonal Balance & Your Cycle

Registration fee: $140/person, limited spots available. Go to "Register Here" to purchase your tickets.


What’s included in your registration:

* Two informative, relevant presentations by Dr. Rachel (see descriptions below)

* Samples of some of Dr. Rachel’s favourite products

* Lunch and a fun food demo by Paula Bashford, RHN

* Tea blending workshop

* An opportunity to ask the experts your questions

Date and location: February 23rd at the Lavallee Centre, from 10am-3pm

What you will learn:

1) The delicate hormonal balance: Estrogen, progesterone, and how to identify whether your hormones are in balance

· What is a hormone?

· The 3 most common hormonal imbalances

· What can I do to get my hormones back in balance?

2) All about your cycle: What's normal? What isn't? Understanding your body and learning about natural solutions for PMS, irregular cycles, and painful periods

· How do I track my cycle? What are the best apps?

· What is a normal cycle?

· Natural alternatives to the pill for addressing PMS, irregular cycles, and painful periods

3) Tea blending workshop

· Which teas are beneficial for my health?

· What do medicinal teas taste like?

· Pick out your favourite to take home


Get to know your workshop team

Dr Rachelphoto of dr rachel helferty

Naturopathic Doctor

Paula Bashford

Holistic Nutritionist