Welcome to the Lavallee Health Centre nutritional coaching module, operated by Lavallee Health Centre (which is an operating name for Shauna Perry Massage Therapy Professional Corporation).  Here under referred to as “Lavallee Health Centre”, “Lavallee”, “we”, “us” or “our”.

The present terms and conditions “terms” shall apply to our website and services. Services refer to any and all appointments that are booked or occur with the providers at our centre.  Providers refer to all of the health practitioners & professionals that are associated with or contracted by Lavallee Health Centre. Members or membership shall refer to anyone who has agreed to engage in nutritional coaching with one of our providers and has fulfilled the financial requirement set out monthly.  Site, platform or module refers the to Lavallee Health Centre website. Content refers to the meal planner, recipes, audio clips,video clips and pdf downloadable forms that are located on the site. Content shall also refer to the Balance Program instructional manual, The Balance Program video clips, audio clips and PDF downloadables.  Coaching package refers to the level of access you choose in regards to your coach and resources on the site. Your access to the services and membership are contingent on agreement and observance of the terms. We reserve the right at our sole discretion to modify or replace any portion of the terms. Any additions, modifications or changes to the website shall fall under the terms.  If for any reason, you do not agree with the terms, then do not use or sign up for our services or website.


The Lavallee Health Centre Nutritional Coaching/The Balance Program, membership connects you with an experienced nutritional coach/health professional that may include guidance relating to reaching your lifestyle and health related goals as they pertain to food, cooking, nutrition, healthy eating,meal planning and mindset.  The platform provides various levels of access to resources that will help you on your way. Level of access is determined by the coaching/The Balance Program package that is chosen by the member. These resources may include audio files, video files, a meal planner, recipe database, PDF downloadable resources and instructional manuals.  The resources and nutritional coaching/instruction that members receive is not to be taken as medical advice and you may want to consult your physician before taking on any new eating or lifestyle practices. You are responsible for ensuring that you have the technology needed to access our platform and we will not be responsible for refunding membership fees or appointment times for any technical issues you may experience that are not directly related to our platform


Our health care professionals and practitioners observe the privacy laws in Ontario and  Canada. Those include the Personal Health Information Protection Act (PHIPA) and the Personal Information Protection and Electronic Documents Act (PIPEDA). All health related information, documents, medico legal reports, diagnostics and ongoing records will be held as an electronic medical record (EMR) with a secure Canadian provider with servers on Canadian soil.  Any and all hard copies of information are shredded at a secure facility and disposed of appropriately. All Health, financial, and personal information of our clients is completely confidential. We will not speak to any third party about your health related services, health history, on-going treatment or anything else, without your express written permission, unless required by law.  Lavallee Health Centre’s network is monitored by a professional IT company that constantly monitors and updates security IT protocols. Please note that this policy does not extend to any information you may provide to us via public posts on our Facebook page or any other social media site, during any live video-conference group meetings.

What information we collect:

  • Health related information contained within the health history and any additional forms such as food records, subjective and objective scales of measurement.  This might include information about the members physical, emotional, psychological and spiritual state. Information may also include reports, diagnostics, diagnosis and opinions from physicians and other clinicians involved in the members care.
  • Profile information such as name, address, email address, DOB, contact information and so on.  Lavallee Health Centre collects all of the above information through the Jane Clinic Management platform.
  • Financial and account information.  When purchasing a coaching package or paying for individual appointments, we will collect your credit card information as well as billing address.
  • Content You Provide Through Our Websites. We collect other content that you submit to social media or social networking websites operated by us. For example, you provide content to us when you provide feedback or when you participate in any surveys, contests, promotions, sweepstakes, activities or events.
  • Content you choose to upload to our website.  This includes recipes that you create and upload or upload from other sources including the photos.  Meal plans that you have created and any ratings you assign or comments you make on recipes currently in the Lavallee Health Centre database.Information you provide to our administrative and support professionals.  Should you have any technical difficulties or require assistance in downloading or accessing any information, you may speak with one of our support professionals and share information about your systems and set up or share screen shots or other information in order to resolve the issue.

Use of Information Collected

  • We use health related information to understand how to best formulate a treatment plan that will address your specific health concerns.   If the treatment/services are part of a treatment plan that is being overseen by an insurer such as in the case of a Motor Vehicle Accident (MVA) or a military member either retired or currently serving that is mentioned for an injury and accessing services under that pension, or Workplace Safety Insurance Board (WSIB), information collected may be used to understand any barriers to recovery/treatment that may exist as well as concurrent treatments that may overlap/compliment/be antagonistic to the treatment plan.
  •  Profile information is used to contact you via SMS, email or phone depending on your preferences to remind you of appointment times and of any cancellations or changes to your appointments.  We may also use your email to send you intake forms that we request you fill out or to email you other health related forms for you to review or fill out and return to us.
  • Account information is only shared with you the member and it is used to contact you and differentiate you from other individuals.  You share financial information with our point of sale (POS) providers when paying for services/packages either in person or online. These are secure POS providers and we do not store any Credit card information on any of our systems.  Financial information is only used to pay for services and is not shared with any other third parties by Lavallee Health Centre for any other purpose. We use financial data to understand buying habits of members and popularity of products and services.
  • We use feedback on surveys and on social media platform to engage members in discussions about topics that we choose, as well as gauge their interest in certain topics/programs/products.  We may also use that feedback as a reason to follow up via social media platform or email on the topic of discussion.
  • We may use meal plans that you have created to discuss with you any changes that would be advisable.  If you choose to rate the recipes available on the website, or leave comments, then that information will be used to inform other members as to the appeal of those recipes.
  • Any information discussed or given to our IT or administrative professionals will only be used to help you resolve any issues.

Sharing of Information Collected

Lavallee Health Centre engages with certain third parties in order to offer the services that we do in a manner that is easily accessible to you the member. This would include our POS providers, web developer, and IT team.  We do not give information to any third parties for any reasons, other than those stated below. We absolutely do not sell information.

  • If for any reason, there is a discrepancy or issue with a payment that has been processed, we may discuss with the POS provider the discrepancy and try to work toward a resolution.  Usually, this will involve a card number not the member name or any other personal information about the member.
  • If there is an unforeseen issue with the members account that requires our IT team, web developer or administrator to assist a member in some way.

Lavallee Health Centre has several public and closed group forums where you can share your thoughts with the rest of the group or with anyone who can access social media sites. Please be aware that you are sharing information with anyone who has access to that forum and that you may be sharing some of your profile information when you post comments.  Please make sure you want to post the information and that it is not overly sensitive and cause you to have regrets about sharing it either with the group or publicly. Should you change your mind and want the information removed, we will endeavor to do so, but should it not be possible, we will inform you within a reasonable time frame.


Lavallee Health Centre offers membership to this site on a monthly or yearly basis or for the predetermined duration of a program which will be outlined in the terms of the specified program  Clients who have purchased other programs at Lavallee Health Centre may be given access to the membership portal on a limited time and access basis. We also offer a limited time demo membership that can be revoked at any time without any notice to the user.

When you sign up for one of these options you are committing to the terms you have chosen. At the end of your membership term, we will automatically bill the card we have on file for you for the following period. This automatic billing will occur unless you cancel before the next billing date. You can find your billing information through your account page or by accessing the admin team at Lavallee Health Centre. We do not offer refunds for late cancellations. We do not offer refunds for unused time on a membership. You may cancel your membership at anytime through your account page. When you cancel, you will still be able to access the platform until the end of the billing cycle that you’ve already been billed for.

Funds are in Canadian Dollars (CDN).Fees may change from time to time. If they do change, your continued use of the Site after the change indicates your agreement with the new fees and charges after the effective date of the change. Purchasers within Canada will be subject to applicable sales taxes should they apply to the service being rendered. It is the responsibility of purchasers outside of Canada to pay any applicable taxes in their jurisdiction. Any credits or negative balance associated with a Lavallee Health Centre account can only be used towards extending the duration of a Lavallee Health Centre membership and holds no cash value.


Membership to any Lavallee Health Centre program/site is intended for the use of anyone over 18 years old and we encourage minors to seek permission from their parents before purchasing a membership to any of our programs.


Content refers to any text/pictures or nutritional information you may input into your meal planner.  You own any information you add to your planner and it will not be shared widely across the site.


Everything contained with the site of Lavallee Health Centre including text, logos, pictures, video files, audio files, illustrations, graphics, instructional and informational text (Materials), are the property of Lavallee Health Centre and may not be reproduced, copied or used in anyway other than for the completion of the programs which were purchased. The Materials are the property of The Lavallee Health Centre and , are protected by copyright, trade-mark and other intellectual property laws. Any use of The Lavallee Health Centre materials without express permission from Lavallee Health Centre is prohibited by law and a violation of your membership.  


  1. At all times you will be accountable for upholding all applicable laws and regulations during the use of this site.
  2. You shall not engage in any illegal or unethical behaviour as a part of your membership with our site
  3. You shall not download any copyright material or anything illegal or dangerous to our site.
  4. You will not claim to have any affiliation with Lavallee Health Centre due to having a membership to the site
  5. You agree that you are exclusively responsible for your account and the security of your password and that you will not disclose it to third parties.
  6. You agree that you will not share access to your account with anyone else and you will advise Lavallee Health Centre immediately of any unauthorized access of your password/account

Any violations of the rules could result in your membership being immediately revoked without reimbursement of the membership fees.


There may be errors or inaccuracies on this site including nutritional information, photographic representations of recipes and we take no responsibility for any harm that may be caused by these inaccuracies.  We are not responsible for any information that be generated by members and uploaded to The Lavallee Health Centre site. We routinely refer to recipes that were modified from other sources, this in no way reflects an endorsement of those sources or their websites/blogs/opinions.  We take no responsibility for any harm that may occur from members seeking information from third party sources referenced on our site.


We reserve the right to change any part of the terms without prior notice.  Your continued use of our site after changes constitute agreement with the new terms of service. It is your sole responsibility to refer to the terms of service periodically to review any changes that have occurred and notify Lavallee Health Centre immediately if you do not agree with the changes.


Lavallee Health Centre does not under any circumstances offer any warranty or guarantee on any of the services, tips, videos, recipes or any material on our site for safety in all situations or appropriateness for all situations, accuracy, free from errors or advisability.


Lavallee Health Centre offers nutritional information on its site and this should not be taken as any form of guarantee or warranty.  Although Lavallee Health Centre makes every effort to ensure accuracy of the information, they should be considered an estimate only. As products differ from region to region in order to ensure the most accuracy of the nutritional data, it would be advisable to calculate data from the actual product you are using.


The Lavallee Health Centre may at any time terminate or restrict your access to the site/services.


The terms of this agreement shall be in accordance with laws in the province of Ontario. When engaging with the health professionals at Lavallee Health Centre, the rules, regulations and scope of their profession shall also be adhered to as well as applicable health related laws in Ontario and Canada including but not limited to the Regulated Health Professions Act (RHPA)


These terms constitute the entire agreement between Lavallee Health Centre and the member. This agreement shall replace any previous agreements and shall not constitute a partnership, joint venture or any kind of business relationship between the member and Lavallee Health Centre. If any part of this agreement shall become illegal or invalid in any way that shall not affect the legality or enforce-ability of the other parts of this agreement. By agreeing to these terms you realize that the services are available in English only.